Voices of Resilience: Migration Summit 2023

Tune in to listen to an episode where Lorraine, Alpha, Sonia, and Clay reflect on the intakes and lessons from the episodes from Series 1 of the podcast Voices of Resilience. 

This episode presents the vision and mission of the Migration Summit, happening in April 2023 -   a month-long global convening designed to build bridges between diverse communities of displaced learners, universities, companies, nonprofits and NGOs, social enterprises, foundations, philanthropists, researchers, policymakers, and employers around the key challenges and opportunities for refugee and migrant communities. 

Make sure you check the Migration Summit website at: https://migrationsummit.org/
To sign up for the events happening during the month of April as part of the Summit, access the Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/migration-summit-2023-1787469

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Voices of Resilience: Migration Summit 2023
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