Voices of Resilience: Suha Nabhan

Suha has been working on raising awareness and empowering migrants and refugees around the world for many years. She is passionate about storytelling and she finds inspiration and strength in the stories of the people she works with every day. She is the Co-Founder and Strategic Director of Migration Jam, a storytelling platform founded and run by refugees and migrants that seeks to change the mainstream negative narratives about migrants and refugees through ethical storytelling and inter-communal dialogue.

In this week’s episode, Suha shares her story from having to flee Syria together with her family and move to Istanbul, Turkey where she currently lives. In Turkey she had the possibility to engage with multiple organizations and stakeholders operating in the development sector and social change. She shares unique lessons and insights from her story of migration and career journey. For her it is not only about the work she does, but the joy she finds in connecting and working with people. This is something that she found at MigrationJam, through the various projects, diverse team, and impactful mission the organization has. 

Suha invites us to take action and engage in meaningful conversations with migrants and displaced individuals. Listening actively to one’s story is the first step in breaking the stereotypes and changing the mainstream negative narrative about displaced populations and their journeys of migration. 

For more information about MigrationJam, visit their website at https://migrationjam.com/, https://www.linkedin.com/company/migration-jam/ and https://www.instagram.com/migrationjam/

Voices of Resilience: Suha Nabhan
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